In What Order Do I Apply My Skincare Products

Posted on April 18th, 2018 by Becky Robinson

An easy rule of thumb is to start with a cleanser for your skin type.  JAS – Just Amazing Skincare has two cleansers to chose from. During the colder/dryer months you may need a more nourishing cleanser, JAS – Restorative Hydrating Cleanser provides moisture and peptides for rehydrating and replenishing moisture. During the summer months when your skin is oiler and more prone to breakouts, you may prefer to use JAS – Sensitive Skin Clarifying Cleanser, a gentle exfoliating cleanser with antioxidants.

After cleansing your skin, gently pat dry then apply your treatment products.  JAS offers three treatment products, Brightening Cream, and Brightening Eye Complex, for daytime use and Anti-Aging Retinol for night time use.  As a general rule only use a pea size amount and dab on cheeks, nose, forehead and chin then gently rub into the skin in a circular motion.

After applying your choice of treatment products apply your moisturizer. Our Restorative Hydrating Cream is loaded with moisturizing peptides, alpha hydroxy and Vitamin C, it is light weight and has a nice clean fragrance that both men and women enjoy.  For a more luxurious night cream try our JAS – Renewal Rejuvenation Cream, which will help reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles.  Again a little goes a long way.  Apply approximately a dime size amount of moisturizer on your fingertips and dab on cheeks, nose, forehead and chin and gently rub in.

Using our products correctly will maximize your benefits and your much more likely to see results from your skincare regime.

JAS enjoy your beautiful skin!

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